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標題: [Nolidae] Noctuidae, Nolinae, Risobini - Risoba diversipennis
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發表於 2008-8-23 20:43  資料 文集 短消息 
Noctuidae, Nolinae, Risobini - Risoba diversipennis

Risoba prob diversipennis

This came to light on August 23rd 2008 in Clearwater bay. It may be Risoba basalis but I think it is diversipennis, which would be out of flight season per RCK's

Thanks for looking


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發表於 2008-8-24 09:27  資料 文集 短消息 
Hi Andrew,

yes, this is Risoba diversipennis [Noctuidae, Nolinae, Risobini]

First late wet season record. With only half a dozen previous records, this is a rare species in HK, so the phenology of this species is still rather an unknown quantity: records are now Feb (1), March (2), May (2), August (1), December (1). Your record is also the first from the Sai Kung / Clear Water Bay area.

cheers,  Roger.

R.C.Kendrick  Ph.D.
C & R Wildlife

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