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標題: [委內瑞拉 Venezuela] Some plant species from the Venezuelian Andes
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Some plant species from the Venezuelian Andes


Some pictures from the Andes. In Venezuela, Andes are pretty "low" (up to 5,000m height) so the Andes landscape is not as dramatic as in Peru or Ecuador for instance. Also, absence of volcanoes makes the vegetation less varied at lower altitude.

A few pictures from Venezuelian paramo and from the cloud forest a bit below. Some identifications when I managed and if you can help with the others, it's well appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Typical paramo landscape

Cactus / Opuntia ficus indica

Tabacote morado / Solanum mesopliarthrum? (endemic)

Frailejon / Espeletia schultzii (endemic)

Typical cloud forest landscape:


Giant Tree Fern?

And my usual... orchid plant   (if you can help to identify...)

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getmore88   2009-2-3 19:16  種子  +10   So beautiful!
kili01   2009-2-3 11:58  種子  +10   恨死隔籬!
lalajacky   2009-2-3 09:08  種子  +5   感謝分享!

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