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標題: [陸地哺乳類] 1 tonne of pangolin scales from shipping container
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1 tonne of pangolin scales from shipping container

Hong Kong Customs seizes contraband 1 tonne of pangolin scales from shipping container
Reported by: `Ammad Ahmed  February 17, 2015

HONG KONG: Hong Kong Customs authorities have seized just over one ton of pangolin scales from a shipping container which arrived from Kenya.
This is the second interception in Hong Kong of a shipment of pangolin scales from the African continent in just five months, following the seizure of 320 kilograms of pangolin scales in October 2014. In this case, 40 bags totaling 1,000 kilograms of pangolin scales were detected in a container (declared as “plastic pet”) at the Kwai Chung cargo examination compound. While the scales are presumably those of African pangolins, the precise species is not known at this time. ... shipping-container/

小妍   2015-2-18 08:59  種子  +5   thanks for sharing! this is so bad... :(

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