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標題: [百合科] 網球花 Haemanthus multiflorus 百合科(草本) [打印本頁]

作者: Chollan    時間: 2007-6-18 21:03     標題: 網球花 Haemanthus multiflorus 百合科(草本)

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作者: treelearner    時間: 2007-6-19 09:03

網球花 Haemanthus multiflorus (Blood Lily)
作者: Sze    時間: 2007-6-20 01:33     標題: 回覆 #3 treelearner 的帖子

Thanks treelearner!
作者: Luar    時間: 2007-6-20 08:58     標題: 回覆 #1 Chollan 的帖子

Nice picture!  Are these your bulbs?

The taxon Haemanthus multiflorus has sunk following the creation of genus Scadoxus.  The species is now known as Scadoxus multiflorus which is widely distributed from tropical South Africa and Zimbabwe through Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi to the Yemen Peninsula.  For reason of its wide distribution, Scadoxus multiflorus evolves a number of forms and varieities.  I have got a miniature form which is endemic to Socotra Island off the Yemen coast.  Mature bulbs of this miniature form is no larger than 2 cm in diameter yet never has the bulb ever flowered for me.

Genus Scadoxus comprises a small number of species:
S. cinnabarinus - an exceedingly rare species native to tropical west Africa
S. cyrtanthiflorus - Uganda
S. membranaceus - grows in deep shade.  South Africa
S. nutans - Zimbabwe
S. pole-evansii - Zimbabwe
S. pseudocaulus - unusual species native to west Africa
S. puniceus - South Africa

It is reported that "new" species have been discovered in different parts of Africa but these findings are subject to confirmation of identity.
作者: Chollan    時間: 2007-6-20 12:16     標題: 回覆 #5 Luar 的帖子

This picture was taken in HongKong park.
In fact, if we can get their bulbs, they can be grown in greenhouse or home yard.
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