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標題: [Nolidae] Nolidae, Nolinae - Nola sp. A [打印本頁]

作者: sswroom    時間: 2008-5-29 23:07     標題: Nolidae, Nolinae - Nola sp. A


作者: hkmoths    時間: 2008-6-1 08:44

correct i.d.

a little worn (typical of this species).

cheers,  Roger.
作者: kw_lam    時間: 2010-4-14 21:45     標題: Nola sp. A sensu Kendrick(2002)

Tai Tam CP

[ Last edited by  hkmoths at 2010-4-16 08:15 ]
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2010-4-16 08:15

Nola sp. A of my thesis; this is near to Nola diversalis and Nola izuensis, but is neither of these species.

cheers, Roger.

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