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標題: Posting photos - data guidelines 貼飛蛾照片最好附上基本資料 [打印本頁]

作者: hkmoths    時間: 2008-6-14 10:07     標題: Posting photos - data guidelines 貼飛蛾照片最好附上基本資料

To all who post photos of moths to this forum (ONE SPECIES PER THREAD, PLEASE), please could you add the following information:

This basic, essential information is being compiled to provide an overall picture of the moth species composition in Hong Kong, data which is thinly spread across the 2,300 species recorded so far.

The more complete the picture, the better the chance of conserving the remaining unprotected habitats in which these (and other) creatures live.

Please remember that if you enjoy photographing wildlife, without helping to conserve that wildlife, there may be no more wildlife in future for you to photograph. So please get out into the field and take part in active conservation measures as well as photographing beautiful wildlife.

If possible, please also add your photo observation with more accurate site data to the Hong Kong Moth Recording Project on iNaturalist. If you feel the data is geographically sensitive, it is possible to select an option to "obfuscate" the geographic location of the observation to public users of the observation.
Hong Kong observed moth data can be directly added via, after logging in.

many thanks,


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