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標題: [蘭科] 白點蘭 Thrixspermum Centipeda 蘭科(附生草本) [打印本頁]

作者: Ronaldo    時間: 2008-8-23 16:53     標題: 白點蘭 Thrixspermum Centipeda 蘭科(附生草本)

Finally we can hike again...
A Centipede Orchid in fruit... As usual, I am either too late or too early!


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圖片: Thrixspermum centipeda 3.jpg (2008-8-23 16:53, 147.11 K) / 該附件被下載次數 140

圖片: Thrixspermum centipeda 2.jpg (2008-8-23 16:53, 68.59 K) / 該附件被下載次數 117

圖片: Thrixspermum centipeda 1.jpg (2008-8-23 16:53, 100.98 K) / 該附件被下載次數 133

作者: kili01    時間: 2008-8-23 18:04

作者: Ronaldo    時間: 2008-8-23 19:46

They are very different species and live in very different environment (drier for the Centipede Orchid).   
To compare easily: ... mp;highlight=acampe
A few ways:
- Very different leaf (much longer and thicker for the Banana Orchid)
- The branches are visible in the Centipede Orchid.
- The flowering buds too.
- The fruits of the Banana Orchid are so large and easily recognisable
- Finally, if you have the chance to see the flowers of the Centipede Orchid, you won't regret it (
作者: ssmar    時間: 2008-8-23 21:48

I think it is a bit late as I saw the flower buds in 3rd August

圖片: DSC_1812JPEGJPEG.jpg (2008-8-23 21:48, 43.12 K) / 該附件被下載次數 123

作者: Q-Traveller    時間: 2008-9-22 11:58     標題: 白點蘭 Thrixspermum centipeda Lour.

A kind of orchid? Found along a stream.

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作者: kinson    時間: 2008-9-22 16:10

作者: ssmar    時間: 2008-9-22 19:57     標題: 回覆 #2 kinson 的帖子


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作者: Ronaldo    時間: 2008-9-22 21:39

Agree with ssmar, should be a Centipede orchid, but is it a small part of a larger plant/cluster? I see other leaves in the background... Looks like a fruit in foreground.
作者: Sze    時間: 2008-9-23 17:48

原帖由 ssmar 於 2008-9-22 19:57 發表

是否等於Thrixspermum centipeda Lour. ?
作者: Ronaldo    時間: 2008-9-24 08:14     標題: Reply #5 Sze's post

作者: Ronaldo    時間: 2009-7-26 20:01

Finally go the gorgeous flowers...

For your information, I post the evolution of the flower over four days.
The flower lasts for a day, sometimes less... With its sweet vanilla-citrus scent, it attracts loads of insects which unfortunately eat the petals.

All six flowers in this cluster opened together, despite showing slightly different sizes, even one day before!

The pictures were taken around 8.00 am...

Thanks for watching!




作者: NickH    時間: 2010-12-23 20:35

要見它的花 , 是超高難度啊!

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作者: NickH    時間: 2011-7-20 18:05

Thanks to the detailed description by Ronaldo.  Otherwise, it would be much much more difficult to estimate its blooming date.  However, it's still lots of work to see these flowers.  
They do have a very strong vanilla scent.   

白點蘭(又名四小時蘭): 花期在7月.  於早上開花 , 花的壽命只有幾小時 , 每組花相隔約10日 .

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作者: kw_lam    時間: 2012-7-15 17:54


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圖片: R0010858.JPG (2017-8-10 23:45, 357.06 K) / 該附件被下載次數 92

作者: NickH    時間: 2012-9-12 22:28

多謝好友的消息 , 才可以再次欣賞這花 ......... 還有傳播花粉的小昆蟲.

作者: kw_lam    時間: 2012-9-29 17:00


作者: ssmar    時間: 2014-9-4 16:56

作者: ssmar    時間: 2015-8-21 20:37

For the plants growing in HK:
the second crop of flowers bloomed on 28 July
the third crop of flowers bloomed on 21 Aug

The time interval is 24 days.
作者: ssmar    時間: 2015-8-23 18:25

For the plants growing in NT, most of the plants also flower on the same days as that in HK island. A few plants flowered 1day later. There is a kind of synchrionization between different populations. Very interesting indeed.
作者: Aland    時間: 2015-8-23 21:30

Obviously the temperature, humidity, and other weather conditions differ significantly between populations across the harbour, and it is unlikely that any sort of chemical signals could be sent. It would be great to know what controls the flowering time. Any guesses?
作者: seed    時間: 2019-7-19 21:10     標題: 今年第一次開花已完結


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