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標題: [委內瑞拉 Venezuela] Interesting Flora (Part IV and final) - Venezuela [打印本頁]

作者: Ronaldo    時間: 2009-3-14 21:45     標題: Interesting Flora (Part IV and final) - Venezuela

Hi there,

I thought the last post should be dedicated to some shrubs and trees. Of particular interest is the Melastomataceae family, either due to the peculiarity of the flowers or due to their symbiosis with ants. They provide ants with natural nests and the ants protect the plants... Here are two examples, one found in Canaima and the other in the Amazonas region.
A few non-melastomataceae species too, and identification would be helpful!

Thanks again and enjoy!

Melastomataceae: Tococa macrosperma (Canaima): the "tumor" at the base of the leaf is used as an ants' nest

Melastomataceae: Tococa macrophysca (Amazonas): same as above applies

Melastomataceae: Monochaetum meridense (Merida region): flowers are very peculiar

Melastomataceae - Canaima

Melastomataceae (?) - Caniama

Acacia (?) - Canaima

Albizia (?) - Canaima

Plant - Canaima

not sure, may be aloes (Amazonas)

Eichhornia crassipes (Wetlands) - famous secies all over the world

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