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標題: [Other] 黃眉姬鶲 Ficedula narcissina owstoni [打印本頁]

作者: 飛鳥    時間: 2009-4-1 21:08     標題: 黃眉姬鶲 Ficedula narcissina owstoni


圖片: DSC_0378.JPG (2009-4-1 21:08, 104.31 K) / 該附件被下載次數 53

圖片: DSC_0391.JPG (2009-4-1 21:08, 106.29 K) / 該附件被下載次數 46

作者: chiujai    時間: 2009-4-1 21:57

May you please forward this post to HKBWS' website too?
I suspect this is a Ficedula narcissina owstoni which is a subspecies of Narcissus Flycatcher. It is potentially a full species though I am not sure about it's status at the moment. Maybe some experts can help.
作者: 小關    時間: 2009-4-2 10:59

I agree!!  F.n. Owstoni!!勁呀!!
作者: 深藍-Owen    時間: 2009-4-2 11:28

我唔曉架. 你地話勁. 我就 highlight 佢喇!
作者: pippenho    時間: 2009-4-2 11:54

我都唔曉...不過睇obi又話連綠背姬鶲都應該只能算係黃眉姬鶲亞種... 混亂中...
作者: 小丸    時間: 2009-4-2 12:42

嘩... 我都覺得係綠背呀~
快d post 過去鳥會forum啦... 加多個photo record 俾d 分類學家嘛~
作者: Sze    時間: 2009-4-2 12:49

我之前因為某些原因,請教過島主,如果根據島主既資料,我都覺得係Olive-backed Flycatcher, 島主分享如下:

Hi Sze
There are 3 flycatchers in this group, Narcissus (the common one), Green-backed and Olive-backed. Other names for Green-backed and Olive-backed are
Green-backed = Elisae's = Chinese Flycatcher,  scientific name ficedula elisae
Olive-backed = Owston's Flycatcher, scientific name ficedula (narcissina) owstoni
Both these have been seen in Hong Kong, but only Green-backed is officially accepted as a different species. I think the Committee are still undecided about whether Olive-backed is a separate species from Nacrissus or not. Better to ask Ho Fai or Richard Lewthwaite.

About descriptions. Firstly, only males can be easily separated, females and first-winters are for the experts only. I think you will have photos of males only.
To separate males.
Narcissus has a black back and head and bright yellow supercillium, and a bright orange/yellow throat and chest
Green-backed has a green back and head with pale yellow supercillium, and a pale yellow throat and chest
Olive-backed has an olive back, olive coloured head and yellow supercillium, and a yellow throat and chest
So Olive-backed looks part way between Narcissus (black and bright yellow) and Green-backed (green and pale yellow).
Can you see this on your photos?
Each breeds in a different area. Narcissus is mainland Japan, Green-backed is NE China and Olive-backed is the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

Hope this helps

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