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標題: [Tortricidae] Tortricidae, Olethreutinae, Microcorsini - Cryptaspasma helota [打印本頁]

作者: blackdogto    時間: 2009-11-17 11:48     標題: Tortricidae, Olethreutinae, Microcorsini - Cryptaspasma helota

23/Sep/2009, Moth Night@ TMS

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作者: hkmoths    時間: 2009-11-18 08:57

Tortricidae, Olethreutinae - genus & sp. indet.

One of around 50 species of this subfamily that await a formal i.d. in Hong Kong.

For moth species that are steeply tectiform (tentlike) in their resting posture, it is better to try and take several different views - from above (like this shot), from the side and from about 45° (dorso-lateral) so as to show all the wing pattern clearly. If you get only one shot, the dorso-lateral view is the best.

cheers,  Roger.
作者: sswroom    時間: 2009-11-18 22:17

Here is the photo seeing wing pattern and resting posture.

圖片: img_2596m.jpg (2009-11-18 22:17, 112.07 K) / 該附件被下載次數 152

作者: hkmoths    時間: 2015-2-7 22:48

Maybe a Cryptaspasma sp. (Olethreutinae, Microcorsini)
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2020-8-20 14:31

this is a female of Cryptaspasma helota

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