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標題: 人有錯手,馬會失蹄,鳥呢? [打印本頁]

作者: 鄭雅麗    時間: 2010-7-12 15:04     標題: 人有錯手,馬會失蹄,鳥呢?



作者: 鄭雅麗    時間: 2010-7-13 10:06

多高興呀! 有分數呢!
作者: pyling    時間: 2010-7-15 10:19

Why there are Spanish captions in between the slides?
作者: 鄭雅麗    時間: 2010-7-19 11:36

Hi there!

Well, you see, Auntie Betty's soooooooooo popular among people that everybody rushes to give her a hand when she needs help.

And by people, I mean people from all countries in the world: the Brits, the Chinese, the French, the Spanish, the name it.

For those who like clips of this kind, come visit me and my feathered friends at:

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