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標題: [Crambidae] Crambidae, Spilomelinae - Omiodes decisalis [打印本頁]

作者: banderbear    時間: 2013-6-11 23:01     標題: Crambidae, Spilomelinae - Omiodes decisalis

found as larva on Desmos chinensis (假鷹爪) on 4 Jun 2013, at [+22° 15' 33.99", +114° 14' 16.49"]
adult eclosed on 11 Jun 2013.

Herpetogramma fuscescens?

larva: (mature, ready to pupate) ~26mm, 4 Jun 2013

pupa: pale green in colour, protected inside silk on the underside of leaf, ~15mm, 6 jun 2013

pupa: one day before eclosion. eyes can be seen through the pupal case and the outer surface turned light brown on the wings. 10 Jun 2013

adult: one black spot on the tip of the last abdominal segment? wingspan 28-30mm, eclosed 11 Jun 2013

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作者: banderbear    時間: 2013-6-13 22:22

help please?
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2013-6-14 14:26

several specimens of this taxon have been recorded over the last decade, but as yet, no placement, even to genus, has been made. Close genera include Herpetogramma and Omiodes (Crambidae, Spilomelinae). A major revision of this generic complex is needed (no one is bold/brave enough to do this at the moment!) and until such time as the group has been sorted out, I suspect the HK taxon will remain unidentified.
H fuscescens is known from Hong Kong, but it's much more like (and has been confused with) H. licarsisalis.


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作者: hkmoths    時間: 2019-3-5 20:22

looking again, there are some options not covered already: one is Patania (ex Pleuroptya) chlorophanta, though there are differences in the post-medial fascia and int he placement of the discal spot relative to the sub-medial fascia.  As the post-medial fascia is almost serrate in the costal half, I suspect this is an Omiodes species - Will have to see if Terry Whitaker, who is working on the Borneo pyraloids, recognizes it.
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2019-6-24 12:53

found it. Omiodes decisalis....
Mark Sterling has voucher material from his Hong Kong material, and identified it by comparison to material in the Natural History Museum, London.

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