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標題: [Other] 土蜂科Scoliidae?? 赤腹? 長腹? ID Please (Liacos erythrosoma) [打印本頁]

作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-3-20 11:39     標題: 土蜂科Scoliidae?? 赤腹? 長腹? ID Please (Liacos erythrosoma)

Please help to identify this.
Body length is about 30mm found at Kowloon Bay.  
The body shape is similar to Campsomeris sp but I couldn't get it ID. May be I was wrong.
The red body is also similar to Zeugomutilla pycnopyga. ... =%E5%9C%9F%E8%9C%82

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作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-3-22 15:18

this is Liacos erythrosoma Burmeister, 1854 (Scoliidae)
作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-3-23 14:02     標題: 回覆 #2 Christophe 的帖子

Thank you Christophe!
作者: toyahey    時間: 2015-4-5 09:40

I think this is a Mutillidae not Scoliidae.
作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-4-5 12:37

No this is definitely a scolid wasp and the species is certain too. Most of the characters that would distinguish it from a mutilid are not visible on the photo, but the wings with fine wrinkles apically is visible and is a distinguishing character
作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-4-14 21:49     標題: Reply #5 Christophe's post

Sorry, when I say "certain" about the species it is a bit presumptious, nothing is ever certain!... and with scolids that is most probably the case. The family is in taxonomic disarray, and only   Betrem (1941. Etudes Systematiques des Scoliidae de Chine...) is available and "accurate" for the Chinese fauna....
作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-9-29 01:23

Probably be same species mating.

作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-9-29 21:26

Nope that is a mutilid, species uncertain
作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-10-5 09:51     標題: 回覆 #8 Christophe 的帖子

Thank you Christophe.
作者: kw_lam    時間: 2019-9-29 19:05

Look like the same species

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