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標題: [Education Materials] DISAPPEARING ELEPHANTS - 大象及象牙貿易教育網站 (只有英文) [打印本頁]

作者: nyagolily    時間: 2015-7-19 21:54     標題: DISAPPEARING ELEPHANTS - 大象及象牙貿易教育網站 (只有英文)

DISAPPEARING ELEPHANTS -  Exploring the threats to elephants around the world: An educational media portal created by the International Field Program of the News School

網站內有詳細教材, 讓教師可應用於英文科或其他適合的科目

This website has informative teaching materials which is very suitable for teacher's used in English lesson or liberal studies (?).
All information about Elephants, ivory and video interviews can also be found on the website.
Hong Kong is one of the major hub of ivory trading. Therefore, this is very important to let students and publilc to know about this issue.

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