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標題: [Other] 蟻蜂 Velvet Ant - Odontomutilla uranioides 求確認 [打印本頁]

作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-8-24 10:27     標題: 蟻蜂 Velvet Ant - Odontomutilla uranioides 求確認

Please help confirming if it is a female Velvet Ant 蟻蜂 (Odontomutilla uranioides)??
Fast runner, size is about 20mm.

Other than a few post and identification from hkwildlife website, I couldn't find much description or cross reference about Odontomutilla uranioides.  There are not much information in wiki or  Would appreciated if someone can tell the source of this identification. Thanks a lot.

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作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-8-24 21:43

The genera and species of Mutillidae are difficult.
This is a female (males are winged)
After examining Lelej, A.S. 2004. Catalogue of the Mutillidae of the Oriental region, neither Odontomutilla or Radoszkowskius seem appropriate although both are represented locally. Our local fauna needs serious research.
作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-8-24 23:25     標題: 回覆 #2 Christophe 的帖子

Thank you again Christophe.
Although there are a few reference identifying this as Radoszkowskius oculata, I would file it under Family Mutillidae as per your suggestion.
作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-8-25 21:47

To further complicate matters, I checked the website: that you provided and the picture attached shows a mating pair with a male that I have had identified as Zeugomutilla   pycnopyga Chen, so the question remains.

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