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標題: [海洋保育] 綠海龜-傷心的偶遇 Green Sea Turtle- a sad encounter [打印本頁]

作者: rayso    時間: 2015-10-25 20:26     標題: 綠海龜-傷心的偶遇 Green Sea Turtle- a sad encounter


My friend discovered an intact corpse of a Green Sea Turtle on a beach in Sai Kung yesterday. When we went and checked out the corpse again today, we found it dragged to pieces probably by stray dogs. The gut content were revealed: they were mostly nylon mesh and plastic wrappings, with only a little algae.
The cause of death is uncertain; but undoubtedly sea turtles are victims of marine trash!

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作者: Xoni    時間: 2015-10-25 23:02

一年不知有多少隻海龜受害, 可恨!

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