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標題: [氣候變化] 全球氣候大遊行溫馨_Nov 29 [打印本頁]

作者: wazy    時間: 2015-11-28 09:22     標題: 全球氣候大遊行溫馨_Nov 29

"Global Climate March Reminder"

日期:2015年11月29日 (星期日)
Date: 29 Nov 2015 (Sunday)

時間:2:15pm (人砌"350"大合照); 3:00pm (起步貴賓大合照)
Time: 2:15 (Human "350" photo), 3:00 (VIP group photo)

Venue: Pier 9, Central (in front of The Hong Kong Observation Wheel)


1. 請於下午2:15到達9號碼頭一齊參與拍攝人砌"350"大合照。
1. Please arrive Pier 9 on or before 2:15pm for taking the human "350" photo.

2. 大會建議衣服顏色:黑色或白色的衣服
2. Dress code: Black or white color

3. 歡迎自制遊行標語,宣傳對抗全球暖化。
踢走化石燃料 擁抱清潔能源
巴黎峰會存亡一戰 勿將子女推向深淵
氣候災變鐵證如山 節能減碳刻不容緩
3. You are welcome to bring your own designed slogans for delivering messages against glocal warming.
350HK slogans for your reference:
OFF with Fossil Fuel, ON with Clean Energy
Make Fossil Fuel History
Invest in Our Future; Divest from Fossil Fuels!

4. 請響應環保自攜水樽。
5. For environment protection purpose, please bring your own water bottle.

See you all on the coming Sunday!

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