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標題: [螺 Snail] ID Please [打印本頁]

作者: TAQ    時間: 2016-10-30 11:39     標題: ID Please

Some other snails taken in August Lantau Island. I have no idea what are they. Please help me to ID!

No.1 I took this in the forest not the sea shore. It really looks Achatina fulica for me.

No.2 Taken in tidal flat.

No.3 Taken in tidal flat. I think they are Monodonta labio. (Does M. confusa exist in HK?)

No.4 Taken in tidal flat.

No.5 Taken in estuary area. There are also found some of Onchidiidae in the same place.

Thank you!
作者: kayson Lo    時間: 2017-9-14 01:15

No.2: Lunella coronata

No.3: Yes, Monodonta labio

No.4: Batillaria zonalis, Cerithidea sp. (not that clear for id)

No.5: can't id
作者: nelsonabc    時間: 2017-9-14 11:18

4. there is one Pirenella asiatica
作者: tongsir    時間: 2017-9-25 08:37

4. It seems that there is a Nerita sp. on the top left.Not too clear.
作者: Hecate Fong    時間: 2020-4-18 17:37     標題: 回覆 #1 TAQ 的帖子

#4 The Batillaria sp. may also be B. attramentaria, B. zonalis (usually) has distinctive black and white striped pattern.

#5 It looks like Cerithium coralium to me. The outer lip of the snail is quite thick, which looks like that of C. coralium.

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