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標題: [委內瑞拉 Venezuela] Orchid species from Venezuela
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發表於 2009-3-8 22:11  資料 文集 短消息 
Orchid species from Venezuela

Hi there,

While waiting for the weather to improve, I hope you will enjoy these orchid pictures taken in December in Venezuela. Unfortunately, not the best flowering season for orchids but still a few nice specimens. Some Epidendrums were full of ants and seem to be living in symbiosis with them. The pink Epidendrums were particularly difficult to differentiate, some were clearly different (regulate / non-regulate flowers) but others are much harder, as even the leaves can vary for a same species...

I only put the orchids found flowering in wild conditions (a few were collected by the locals to decorate campsites but still kept in typical wild conditions) as well as a couple of outstanding non-flowering ones.

Enjoy watching

Epidendrum secundum - Andes

Oncidium (orthostates?) - Janus region

Epidendrum Stamfordianum - Amazonas dry region

Orchid (unknown) - Amazonas wet region

Epidendrum sp. - Amazonas wet region

Encyclia cordigera - Amazonas wet region

Epidendrum sp. - Amazonas wet region

Orchid - Amazonas wet region (fruits large like oranges)

Scaphyglottis violacea - Canaima Angel Falls

Epidendrum compressum - Canaima Angel Falls

Orchid - Canaima Angel Falls

Elleanthus graminifolius - Canaima Angel Falls

Orchid - Canaima Angel Falls

Maxillaria (ochroleuca?) - Canaima Angel Falls

Scuticaria (Steelei?) - Canaima Angel Falls (imagine 2 to 3 meter high tubular leaves...)

Epidendrum sp. - Canaima Angel Falls

Epidendrum sp. - Canaima Angel Falls (differs from previous one by slight differences in the flower and leaves, but this may be due to more humid habitat...)

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TuesdayHiker   2009-3-12 14:34  種子  +10   精彩圖片 Brilliant pictures !
mic   2009-3-10 14:37  種子  +10   恨死隔籬!
kili01   2009-3-9 10:29  種子  +10   Marvellous!
ssmar   2009-3-9 08:58  種子  +10   精彩內容!
paulvps   2009-3-9 07:48  種子  +10   感謝分享!
XJfanz   2009-3-9 00:41  種子  +10   感謝分享!
NickH   2009-3-8 23:53  種子  +3   感謝分享!
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