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標題: [委內瑞拉 Venezuela] Interesting Flora (Part I) - Venezuela
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發表於 2009-3-10 10:24  資料 文集 短消息 
Interesting Flora (Part I) - Venezuela

Hi there,

Some interesting plants found in Venezuela. As you will see, a few species belong to the same group as some easily recognisable Hong Kong ones...

Some comments about location alongside the pictures.


Mushrooms from Canaima (a few weird and interesting mushroom species found in the Canaima region). Mostly chosen on basis of esthetics, as I am not a fungi specialist. If some people can identify species or genera, that would be nice...

Found this Burmannia specie in Canaima (possibly B. tenella), close to Angel Falls, under thick forest.

Found this Balanophora (Helosis cayennensis) in thick forest in the Amazon rainforest (Amazonas region). The hair is actually the flowers of that parasitic plant.

Unknown medicinal plant in Amazonas forest
This plant is used by local Indians for some digestive disease, if I recall well. unfortunately, can't remember the name of the plant

Apteria aphylla
This gorgeous little flower was found in Canaima forest, close to a small stream. Several of them in that location

Drosera (roreima?)
Found this drosera in Canaima. Due to the poverty of the soil, several carnivorous species thrive in that region, as well as orchids...

Small flower
Unknown species (please help), found in Amazonas savanna, close to streams and several Utricularias.

Utricularias (please help with id...)
Two Utricularias found in Amazonas region close to streams, in sunny environment. Will post separately another species found in the Gran Sabana, with other plants, due to specific environment...

Sze   2011-12-19 18:25  種子  +100   精彩圖片 Brilliant pictures !
TuesdayHiker   2009-3-12 08:55  種子  +10   Stunning!
mathew   2009-3-10 23:15  種子  +10   Eye-Opening!
abnormal   2009-3-10 23:09  種子  +10   感謝分享!
mic   2009-3-10 14:35  種子  +10   amazing
kili01   2009-3-10 14:30  種子  +10   excellent!
daydream   2009-3-10 13:11  種子  +10   精彩圖片!
ssmar   2009-3-10 10:33  種子  +10   Well done
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發表於 2009-3-10 23:19  資料 主頁 文集 短消息 
I will guess this is a kind of Rubiaceae Lasianthus sp.


Ronaldo   2009-3-11 08:25  種子  +10   thanks Mathew

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