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標題: [委內瑞拉 Venezuela] Interesting Flora (Part II) - Venezuela
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Interesting Flora (Part II) - Venezuela

Hi there,

Second part of interesting flora of the Amazon forest. Put some comments whenever I could... If you can help with a couple of identifications, would be great.


Hevea brasiliensis (the famous rubber tree)

Chondrodendron tomentosum (the poison, Curare, from this  Liana is world famous...)

Costus Scaber (decorative, but don't recall its use)

Artocarpus (not sure if indigenous bread fruit or not...)


Lobelia (I think but can someone confirm?)

Flower (help on id?)

Psychotria (poeppigiana?)

Canna indica (the hard seeds are used by locals for decorative objects and neck-laces)

Araceae (different types, including Anthurium). A lot of species could be found in the forest, some of them epiphytic.

Palicourea (crocea?)

Bromeliad (one of several pineapple related species found in the Amazon forest)

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