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標題: [Discussion] To choke Lung Mei, about time?
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發表於 2010-5-18 03:26  資料 文集 短消息 
To choke Lung Mei, about time?

Yesterday afternoon I went to Lung Mei for another tour, but before I got into the water, the scene on shore puzzled me, why the water was so muddy? and soon I found the source of the muddy water from the sewer pouring into the sea, have no idea where the mud come from then I looked to the other side of the traffic road then saw the paving site of some coming construction there, wonder if this is the course of it all? not sure now but have to check out later soon.
Could this be just a single event or the first to strike to kill the site?

圖片: [muddy shore] DSCF8602s.jpg (2010-5-18 03:26, 186.24 K)

圖片: DSCF8619s.jpg (2010-5-18 03:26, 154.72 K)

圖片: DSCF8620s.jpg (2010-5-18 03:26, 125.91 K)

圖片: [at the other side] DSCF8613s.jpg (2010-5-18 03:26, 110.62 K)

圖片: DSCF8615s.jpg (2010-5-18 03:27, 153.48 K)

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發表於 2010-5-18 10:46  資料 文集 短消息 
人工沙灘未出, 地產項目先行!


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