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標題: [鳥類保育] Rescuing an Oriental Scops Owl
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Rescuing an Oriental Scops Owl

On 25-Oct-2012, when I was having a lecture, my mother sent me a heart-throbbing Whatsapp message. She exclaimed that her colleague had spotted an owl in between two cars in an indoor car park. The attached picture showed a small, gravel-colored owl standing in a standard owl posture. Out of the fear that the traffic would directly threaten its life, I set off for the car park and attempted to found the owl, an Oriental Scops Owl.

I arrived with a great relief that the owl is still alive. But the fact that it was standing right at the position of the rear bumper if a car parks there. As I approached it, it woke up and flew onto the ground. Luckily it was not run over by a truck that have just passed. So I realized the need to call the SPCA to capture and release it in the wild. Unfortunately, they required me to make the owl 'stabilized and stationary' for them to get it. And they need a substantial time to arrive.

Finally I managed to get a commodious carton box in which I contained the owl with the help of a soft jacket. However, the SPCA could not arrive in a moment, leaving me nervous as I have got some stuff to do. I decided to bring it to my home first and keep it in a cool place. While my home is closer to the SPCA centre, I could also resume doing what is urgent at the moment.

Having checked the bird book for identification, I wanted to take out my jacket from the box. Carelessly, I let the owl fly on to my booksheld and then my clothes. But it gave me several minutes to take photos of it as immediately covering it with cloth again would definitely scare it. So, I just waited and waited. Finally, it was in the box again. This time I make sure that it would stay in the box before I left it alone. I watched it to sleep and I picked up the phone and called SPCA, stating that it is stabilized in a box and it is secured in order to permit them sending staff to retrieve it.

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While waiting, I appreciated the feather pattern of the owl, which is truly magnificent. After an hour the staff from SPCA arrived and the owl was escorted to their center. It will be released in a very short time. I hope it will continue its journey and not to go into dangerous places like parking lots again.

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kamfai   2012-10-27 13:37  種子  +10   
seibuhk   2012-10-27 09:48  種子  +10   內容充實 Constructive materials !
L-mike   2012-10-27 09:04  種子  +10   good job..........
BWA   2012-10-27 05:25  種子  +10   多謝!
Vivian   2012-10-27 05:23  種子  +10   
Sze   2012-10-27 02:34  種子  +10   Thanks for your effort to save it!
bicolor   2012-10-27 01:45  種子  +10   

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